About me

I grew up watching my mother knit and sew clothes for myself and my sister.  It fascinated me and I was keen to learn.  I started doing cross stitch at the age of seven.  My first project was a snowman stitched in white wool on pale blue Binca fabric.  I was hooked!  At the age of 10 I completed my first sampler and I continued to stitch projects and greeting cards through my teens and twenties.

In 1999 I became frustrated at the limited subject matter of cross stitch patterns so I started designing my own, first on paper then later using cross stitch software on my PC.  Soon I was making more patterns than I could possible stitch so I decided to set up Dunmani Designs and share my cross stitch patterns for free.

I take inspiration from my interests and the world around me.  I especially like geometric patterns, Japanese sashiko embroidery and celtic knotwork.

I love sharing my designs and I always enjoy hearing people's comments and suggestions.  I hope to continue designing and sharing my patterns for years to come.

Clair Louise Coult

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