Space Invaders

Space Invaders is a video game classic.  I loved playing my hand held machine when I was a kid, blasting the bright green aliens on the black background and trying to hit the elusive mother ship.

This is an easy pattern with no back stitching or fractional stitches.  Cross stitch the chart in two strands of thread.

You can stitch this design all in green or white like the traditional Space Invaders machines or in primary colours like the more modern versions.  It looks especially good stitched onto black fabric.

Click HERE to download the printable PDF pattern.

Tetris Heart

When I was a teenager my mum bought me a Nintendo Gameboy and I was completely addicted to playing Tetris.  I loved how the shapes fitted together, or rather didn't when I was losing a level!

I was inspired by the game to design this small cross stitch chart.  Stitched in two strands of thread with a bold two strand backstitch that makes the colours pop.  

Purists will notice that the heart shape hole in the middle of the design is impossible to make in the video game because the top pieces will drop down to the bottom so please excuse my use of a little creative licence.

Download your FREE PDF chart HERE

About me

I grew up watching my mother knit and sew clothes for myself and my sister.  It fascinated me and I was keen to learn.  I started doing cross stitch at the age of seven.  My first project was a snowman stitched in white wool on pale blue Binca fabric.  I was hooked!  At the age of 10 I completed my first sampler and I continued to stitch projects and greeting cards through my teens and twenties.

In 1999 I became frustrated at the limited subject matter of cross stitch patterns so I started designing my own, first on paper then later using cross stitch software on my PC.  Soon I was making more patterns than I could possible stitch so I decided to set up Dunmani Designs and share my cross stitch patterns for free.

I take inspiration from my interests and the world around me.  I especially like geometric patterns, Japanese sashiko embroidery and celtic knotwork.

I love sharing my designs and I always enjoy hearing people's comments and suggestions.  I hope to continue designing and sharing my patterns for years to come.

Clair Louise Coult

Greeting Cards

Use these small designs are ideal to create your own greeting cards.  Click on the links to get a free PDF chart.

Tetris Heart

A video game inspired chart for the someone special.

7 colours
30 x 30 stitches

Space Invaders

Stitch this retro design onto black fabric to make the colours really pop!

4 colours
39 x 60 stitches

Terms and Conditions

Here at Dunmani Designs all the patterns are available to download for free with the following conditions.

  • All patterns are copyright Clair Louise Coult and are for personal use only
  • You may not sell the patterns or use them to to produce items to sell for profit.
  • You may not publish patterns without my permission.

I do give permission for the following:

  • You may use the patterns to produce items to sell for charity, such as school or church fair
  • You may use the patterns for teaching purposes in their original format.

If you have any questions please contact me my email:

Dunmani Designs Pattern Library Volume 1

A collection of  over 100 cross stitch, blackwork and assisi patterns, as previously featured on the old Dunmani Designs website.  Featuring bookmarks, cards, needle cases, samplers, motifs, frames and alphabets.

Available to download as a free PDF file the patterns have been updated with colour images and stitch count information.

Welcome to the new Dunmani Designs website

My name is Clair Coult and in 1999 I set up the Dunmani Designs website to share my cross stitch and blackwork patterns.  It's been over 10 years since I updated the old website and it was looking pretty dated so I thought I'd start a fresh with a whole new theme.

I've put all the old patterns together into a PDF which you can download for FREE and I'll be updating the site with loads of new patterns. If you still want to visit the old website you can find it *here* but I hope you'll stay and have a look at all the new projects.

I offer all my patterns royalty free, that means you don't need to pay to use them, but they are not copyright free.  All patterns are for personal use only.  Please refer to the terms and conditions for more details. 

If you have any questions please email me at I'm always happy to help.

Happy stitching!

Clair Coult

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Tetris Heart
Tetris Heart
Tetris Heart
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Space Invaders